Business Cards


The Four Rules of Creating and Marketing Your Company Through Your Business Card


Your business card tells everyone what they need to know. That is why you need to make your business stand out. You are using your business card as a marketing tool to bring in more clients. I have a few simple tips on how you can effectively leverage your business card to achieve your goals.

You need to only include the most relevant and pertinent information about your company. There are some companies who do "business overload." That is where they include everything but the kitchen sink on their business card. You are going to turn people off doing that. Do something that will make their heads spin. You need to provoke the person's interest, or they will simply toss your card away.

The writing needs to be legible. Use the right font size. You should avoid doing anything fancy. The information should not be on the card if they cannot read it.

3) The business cards should be done by a professional. People pay attention to that. I know that some of you want to save money. The only problem with that is it looks cheap. Cheaply-made cards are going to translate into your business. People are going to assume that this is how you work. Do you want to be seen as a professional? Your cards need to illustrate that to your clients.

Your company might service different people and different needs. You cannot design a cookie-cutter type thing. You need one set of cards of one aspect and the same thing for the others. That shows you take an active interest in every aspect of your company. Not just the bread and butter portion.